Poll: Who Won The Vice Presidential Debate?

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Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan faced off against Vice President Joe Biden.
Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan faced off against Vice President Joe Biden. Photo Credit: Paul Ryan Congressional Page/Christopher Dilts

WORCESTER COUNTY, Mass. ‒ Vice President Joe Biden and Rep. Paul Ryan met Thursday night for the first time in a nationally televised debate.


Who won the vice presidential debate?

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Who won the vice presidential debate?

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Comments (39)

This tax hoarding thing has to stop. You need to think about creating wealth not taking away wealth.

If we take all the wealthiest of the wealthy's money not just a portion of it...it would run our government for three months...any more ideas?

We need to create jobs! Reduce taxes...get people working.

No one ever said take away all the money from the rich and run the entire government. No one.

Let the richest pay the rate they did under Clinton, the last time the economy was booming. Give the middle class a break so they have some money to spend. It is the demand created by comsumers that creates jobs. The super rich don't create jobs, or not enough jobs. If they did we would be swimming in them because the rich are paying the lowest effective tax rate since the robber barons.

Even though I will vote for President Obama, I know that Romney got the better of him in their debate. Joe Biden won this debate hands down and anyone who claims otherwise is simply expressing their political bias. Biden showed superior knowledge of every subject area and made Ryan look naive. From foreign policy to tax policy Biden explained very clearly the reasons why Obama/Biden adovcate as they do. Whether you like Joe Biden and Barak Obama or not their is no way anyone could claim victory for Ryan in this one sided debate.

Reporter Matt Taibbi's take on the VP debate:

The Romney/Ryan ticket decided, with incredible cynicism, that they were going to promise this massive tax break, not explain how to pay for it, and then just hang on until election day...

The proper way to report such a tactic is to bring to your coverage exactly the feeling that Biden brought to the debate last night; contempt and amazement. We in the press should be offended by what Romney and Ryan are doing -- we should take professional offense that any politician would try to whisk such a gigantic past us to our audiences, and we should take patriotic offense that anyone is trying to seize the White House using such transparently childish and dishonest tactics.

The idea of creating jobs will create more taxpayers and create less people on welfare. Lowering the corporate taxes will allow companies to repatriate profits that are in other countries that will now come into the coffers of Government. This is part of the plan for the tax break as we will take in more revenue.

The problem is that the Obama administration has failed in every aspect of job creation and are still blaming Bush and prior administrations for everything. The American people do not want to a President who keeps blaming other people for the continuing problems. He blames the congress for not acting yet he will not engage with even the democrat politicians. Check Chris Mathews on this:


20 straight months of job growth, is not failing in every aspect of job creation.

You are NOT entitled to your own set of FACTS.

Lower tax rates didn't create jobs in the last decade. Clinton's higher tax rateshelped create a booming economy and a surplus. The Obama administration has not failed in every aspect of job creation. Not true. Obama's four years actually did create private sector jobs. And Republican governors chopped public sector jobs with the delicacy of a meat cleaver.

Of course more jobs will mean fewer people on welfare, but many of the super wealthy have chosen to hoard and hide their tax windfall, not create jobs. If Bush's tax cuts were passed to create jobs, where are they?

Obama wouldn't engage? Jobs bills....filibusters...negotiations...Cantor walks out...debt ceiling threat.... Who are you kidding?

Joe Biden was hands down better than his "Boss" at making a fool of himself and much more entertaining while doing it.

Hands down- Paul Ryan schooled Biden!

Over the course of a 90 minute debate Biden interupted Ryan 82 times.

And Ryan interrupted the Vice-President as well. It was a freewheeling debate, with the moderator watching the time but pretty much letting them engage each other. She didn't stop Ryan from jumping in either for the most part.

What you have said is what people say when they have lost a debate on substance.

And Ryan interrupted the Vice-President as well. It was a freewheeling debate, with the moderator watching the time but pretty much letting them engage each other. She didn't stop Ryan from jumping in either for the most part.

This is what people say when they have lost a debate on substance.

Biden commanded the debate. He controlled the flow and had maximum energy through out. He seemed relaxed and had no issues making his points or his rebuttals. Ryan was even toned and seemed nervous. Ryan was consuming a lot of water which is typically a sign of nervousness. When Ryan made a point Biden was there with a rebuttal. Biden was the aggressor though out the whole debate. Advantage: Biden. But Republicans will say Ryan, but Biden won this.

Biden seemed over-rehearsed and he was constantly getting his words mixed up. He even referred to Israelis as "Iranians" at one point. Additionally, his laughter appeared forced to me. Laughing at someone else's plan is one way to make people believe it's ridiculous (whether or not that's true).
Perhaps Biden should start taking the country's problems more seriously, especially when someone like Ryan is actually proposing solutions. Ryan clearly wants to be part of the solution.

Ryan (ROBIN) did not make Romney (BATMAN) look very good in this debate.
Looks like Obama (SUPERMAN) will win again.I don't think we will have another Bush type(JOKER) in the White House. The country just can't afford it!

I agree with your analogy...I think Obama does believe he's Superman. Superman relies on total magic superpowers to "save" people and he has the ability to influence the media as Clark Kent.
Batman, on the other hand, has no superpowers, but he's rich. He uses his own money to build crime-stopping gadgets, and he uses his connections in high places to keep tabs on criminals. He also works hand-in-hand with local law enforcement. He doesn't use his crime-stopping resources to go "joy-riding" either.
Since in reality men don't have superpowers, I'd prefer Batman.

Mr. Ryan was obviously the better man in ALL respects. Biden was a buffoon.
Raddatz [?] did her best to be as biased as she could by letting Biden interrupt and talk over Mr. Ryan and not letting him (Mr. Ryan) finish his comments. Being a friend of BHO I was not surprised.

Having lived in MA all of my life, it is not surprising that these comments lean left.

VP Biden was RUDE and DISRESPECTFUL period.

I am reminded of a very old wise quote "...it is better to remain silent and thought a fool rather than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt..."

VP Biden's petulant performance removed ALL doubt.

hear, hear!

The comments don't lean left. Ten comments so far, four left-leaning.

Bill Clinton was correct:


The look on Ryan’s face when Biden reminded him of the letters Ryan had sent requesting stimulus money for Wisconsin was priceless. In his own words, “It will create growth and jobs”. Ryan is such a typical Republican hypocrite. He’s completely out to lunch on foreign policy. He’s conducting a war on women, and like his boss he seems hell bent on starting another war. Conservatives are only happy when we’re at war. Their primary tactic is to scare the people into defense spending and hope to convince the people that by firing two million dollar per shot cruise missiles, it will somehow create jobs back home, and that will somehow be profitable for the middle class. All the while they know that the real beneficiaries of this scam will be the big corporations, billionaires, and CEO’s. Joe’s right, it is laughable.

"Typical Republican hypocrite". Is that statement to imply that there aren't just as many hypocrites with a D next to their name? At least open your eyes to the real world and not your little fishbowl. Judging by your post you've fallen for every Democratic talking point hook, line, and sinker. The only thing you forgot to mention is how the Republican prefer dirtier water, dirtier air and want to throw grandma over the cliff. I really don't understand why the Republican controlled Congress isn't as willing to reach across the aisle with such welcoming opponants. I mean, your doom and gloom, Republicans are all evil people arguement is so compelling and backed up by such obvious facts!

krobkoe - "Shake things up."
-- go to war with Iran
-- shut down Planned Parenthood (providing health screenings for millions of women)
-- outlaw abortion, birth control, fertility treatments, etc.
-- close tax "loopholes" like the mortgage deduction for the middle class but leave open or push forward ones for the rich who can pay for their own lobbyists.
Yup, shaking things up is exactly what we need. (if you missed it, my previous line was dripping with terrified sarcasm).

Biden was nothing more than a bully, he was disrespectful and childish in his reactions and demeanor. Stand on your record VP Biden, and you won’t be standing long!

In the words of the Vice-President, Mrs.O -- That's a bunch of malarkey.

Biden laughed because what Ryan was saying was absurd: How to pay for tax plan (loopholes?). Medicare for my mom but not for those under 54. Totally lost on foreign policy. Let the legislatures in 50 different states make abortion policy.

I'm surprised Mr. Biden wasn't rolling on the floor holding his sides.

Biden was laughing at some pretty strange times, and it seemed very forced....as though he wanted to laugh so that viewers would assume Ryan's points were ridiculous.

Ryan's points WERE ridiculous. The viewer could see that all on his/her own. The laughter just underlined the incredulousness.

Ryan was poised and mature. Biden was rude and interrupted Ryan 82 times! At times it seemed that the moderator and Biden were ganging up on Ryan, so much for the alleged lack of conflict of interest. I can't wait til next week to watch Romney kick Obama's butt again

Too bad Dan, the VP debate was last night and clearly you missed it. And as usual Joe Biden came across as the used car salesman he is....I thought he was going to come undone. You have to love the irony of the fact that the Obama/Biden ticket is so pro women yet Joe was patronizing and rude to Martha Raditz. He never would have treated a male that way. Paul Ryan was calm, cool, collected and knowledgeable. As an independent voter, he solidified my vote last night.

In experienced person who knows how the world works and wants to equalize what has been out of balance for quite a long time.

Ryan comes across as a stupid, spoiled little brat who does not understand how the world works and simply insists his way should be the way for everyone. He has no sympathy or compassion in him, NONE AT ALL. Soulless.

We would be in very bad shape if that child got control of the world.

Biden has heart. Ryan, I cannot stomach. just cannot, even a little bit. Like nails on a chalkboard

You're an ignorant man, John B.

"comes across as a stupid, spoiled little brat who does not understand how the world works and simply insists his way should be the way for everyone. He has no sympathy or compassion in him, NONE AT ALL. Soulless."

There are a lot of people like that in our country these days. I don't believe that Ryan is one of them, although I would bet there are plenty of high-ranking politicians and celebrities who are like that.

Jenna McCarthy is one.
Her anti-vaccine campaign has killed so many people it makes a serial killer jealous.

Honestly, I don't know anything about Jenna McCarthy, but it seems like an anti-vaccine campaign not based on any science is irresponsible.

That said, I can think of another scary movement that killed 329,445 in 2009-2010 alone and it's 46% tax payer funded.

It was 9-10:30pm just a few hours ago, and Biden won on style. Glad to see the quick preview and get ready to comment on it. Our State always seem to go to the Dems, and so many people have their minds made up already to re-vote Obama in again....which is too bad. Mit would shake things up.

The VP debate is THURSDAY, today, and thus there shouldn't be a poll up yet. Brown/Warren debated yesterday.