Police: Leicester Traffic Stop Nets Unregistered Sex Offender

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A routine traffic stop helped Leicester Police arrest a wanted sex offender last week. Photo Credit: Daniel Castro

LEICESTER, Mass. — A citizen calling in to report an erratic driver helped lead Leicester Police to capture a man they said is a a wanted, unregistered sex offender last Friday night.

At about 7:30 on Jan. 25, Leicester Police Officer Alexander Samia was on routine patrol when he received a "Be On The Lookout" alert for an erratic driver.

Samia later spotted the car speeding, and, after pulling the operator over to write a citation, noticed the driver and the passenger were "extremely nervous," said Police Chief Jim Hurley.

Using his mobile data terminal in his cruiser, Samia was able to look up the passenger's name and came up with a photo identifying him as a wanted, unregistered sex offender in another municipality, Hurley said.

As the man was wanted by another agency and not a Leicester resident, the chief did not release his name.

He was held over the weekend and arraigned at Worcester Superior Court on Monday.

"Old-fashioned police work, good instinct and some modern technology netted this guy," said Hurley. "And if you get right down to it, the officer really wouldn't have been out there looking for the car, but it goes back to that citizen who called in the erratic operator. That put his antennas up more, and look what it led him to."

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