Leicester Drug Raid May Connect To Area Robberies

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Two Leicester residents were arrested on drug charges after a police raid Friday morning.
Two Leicester residents were arrested on drug charges after a police raid Friday morning. Photo Credit: Contributed

LEICESTER, Mass. —  Police arrested two Cherry Valley residents after a Friday morning drug raid on Stafford Street, with evidence at the scene police said may connect them to area robberies.

Barry A. Hanson Jr., 28, and Santa Marie Domfre, 29, of 502 Stafford St. #5, were arrested on charges of possession of a Class A substance with intent to distribute, possession of a Class A substance, and conspiracy to violate the controlled substance act.

The raid was part of a joint investigation by the Leicester Police, Auburn Police, Worcester Police Vice Squad and Regional Drug Task Force, with assistance from Worcester County District Attorney Joseph Early’s office, which led to the execution of a search warrant at the Staffordshire Apartment Complex.

Leicester Police Chief James Hurley said there was an ongoing investigation into the distribution of heroin from the Stafford Street apartment, and, "based on safety concerns that investigators were aware of prior to the raid, a tactical entry team from the Central Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council conducted the initial execution of the warrant for investigators."

Investigators then conducted a search of the apartment and arrested the two suspects.

Hanson and Domfre were booked at the Leicester Police Department and transported to East Brookfield District Court for arraignment.

Hurley said that, in addition to the illegal narcotic seized, evidence located during the search included what appeared to be a hold-up note and Airsoft weapons — at least one of which appeared to have been modified to look like a real firearm.  

That information has been forwarded to area departments for comparison to any unsolved armed robberies that have occurred, Hurley said.

Police also received information linking the suspects to a previously reported break-in at another apartment in the same complex, and Leicester Police have recovered a checkbook and lap-top related to that incident, police said.

The investigation into that theft is ongoing and Hurley said other evidence indicated that there may be more victims of thefts and break-ins. 

Police continue to follow up on leads and expect that additional charges in connection with the theft investigation will likely be filed in the near future, Hurley said.

Hurley said that assistance from the state and local departments "is what enables these types of investigations to move forward from having information on criminal activity to establishing probable cause and making arrests." 

Sgt. Daniel Dyson oversaw the investigation for the Leicester Police Department.

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