High Tech App Helps Leicester Man Recover Stolen Items

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Leicester Police Chief James Hurley
Leicester Police Chief James Hurley Photo Credit: Daniel Castro

LEICESTER, Mass. — After having his laptop and other property stolen in a recent break-in, a Leicester resident was able to aid police in the recovery of the majority of his property by using an application to take a photo of the suspects from the stolen laptop's camera.

After the Leicester man's home was broken into on Tuesday, he remotely accessed the camera on his stolen laptop and took a photo of two people in a vehicle with the stolen laptop, Leicester Police Chief James Hurley said.

The information was also uploaded to the Internet, which police were able to get tips from. With the use of the photo and another application that provided the location of the laptop to the owner, Leicester Police were able to pass that information to Worcester Police, who quickly located the man in the photo, Hurley said.

Though the laptop was gone and the man who is seen very prominently in the photo has not been charged, police received information from interviews about the second individual in the vehicle. 

Hurley said that being in a picture with a stolen laptop shortly after it was taken made the second man a person of interest to the Leicester Police, and he was also located and interviewed.

According to Hurley, the interview provided investigators with evidence that appeared to link him to involvement in the housebreak, and after his interview police recovered what looks to be all of the property stolen during the housebreak except for the laptop. 

Though no arrests have been made, the investigation into the case remains ongoing, Hurley said.

"While we have information as to who was involved in the housebreak, we always make an effort to gather the best evidence possible for the prosecution even if it takes a little more time," he continued.  "Police also are in the process of preparing potential fingerprint and DNA evidence for submission to the crime lab, all of which plays an important role in identifying who committed the crime."

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