Becker Students In Leicester Commemorate 9/11

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Becker College Student Body President Brooke Cote participates in the "I Will" campaign at the Leicester Campus in commemoration of 9/11. Photo Credit: Daniel Castro

LEICESTER, Mass. — Becker College students on the Leicester campus joined together Tuesday to participate in the nationwide 9/11 Day “I will” campaign, an effort that Student Government Vice President Kevin Finkelstein hopes will create a positive out of a negative.

"There were so many lives lost on Sept. 11th that should never be forgotten," said Finkelstein, who led the student body in the commemoration.

Across the nation and around the world, the “I will” campaign urges participants to create statements of positive actions and good deeds to perform as a way of remembrance.

Although the purpose of the terror attack was to instill fear in the United States, it is vital for people to not succumb to that fear and "to go on living our daily lives," Finkelstein said. The "I will" campaign was a good way to encourage students to do positive things, he said.

Nancy Crimmin, Becker's vice president of student affairs, said the students were young when the attacks occurred in 2001 so it is important to keep the memory of that day alive.

"We can only do that by reintroducing it and talking about it every year," she said. "It's a nice way for them to think about what happened and go out and do some service in the community."

Outside the dining common in the new student center, students created colorful canvases declaring each person’s statement of positive actions and good deeds, in remembrance of those lost on Sept. 11 and in recognition of those who rose up to help in the wake of that tragedy.

The forms of remembrance can be "something as simple as saying 'I love you' to my mom and dad every night," Crimmin said.

"It's a good program for students because there's no excuse to not fit some sort of remembrance in your daily life," she said. "In the mission of the college is that we have a global perspective and are citizens of the world, so we need to continually remind them that we need to participate and this is a very important day."

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